Day 003 – Scheduling for, and around, Kindergarten in the year 2020

This is a follow up to day 1.

Our son started online kindergarten, and it was different than we expected. It ended up being a LOT more stressful and time consuming than we anticipated.


The first day schedule went down like this:

What it actually ended up being was:

Quite a bit more downtime than we were anticipating.

Granted, this is the first day, and I'm still going to give the teacher the benefit of the doubt, but it certainly feels like there is more downtime than there ought to be.

A few questions:

  1. Is this high amount of downtime due to it being the first day?
  2. Is it because we are dealing with kindergarteners, and not older kids?
  3. Is the high downtime because we have to keep pace with how in-person will be?

The second day looks like it will be somewhat better, hopefully with a bit less downtime. I also hope that everyone falls into a groove and things go smoother, especially on the kid side of the equation.

Distractions, Policing, and Self Sufficiency

Something else that was obvious is that the parents will be required to police their kid. This was especially true for my son.

This certainly feels only one step removed from a proper home school curriculum. But somehow it feels even more stressful.

The big one:

Absolutely vital that all external distractions are removed, which includes:

Our house is barely set up to support this. We have a common room that we figured out how to cordon off, but just barely. My son's only other option is his bedroom, or the master bedroom, both of which are out of the way. My work from home office will not work, because I work from home in there to pay the bills, and the distractions would be very real, and not conductive to my success at work and his success at school.

You can forget about getting anything else done

Prior to starting school, you could at least plunk the kid down somewhere to entertain himself, and get some housework done (as long as all kids allowed it). Not so with online kindergarten. You are stuck at the kid's side micromanaging all day. Need to prep a roast for dinner? Too bad, you have kindergarten. Need to change the baby's diaper? You better hurry, you have kindergarten to worry about. Have a doctor appointment? Better make sure your significant other is there to watch the kindergartener while you do it!


I have no idea how we are going to keep this up long term, and retain our sanity.

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